Happy Healthy Hormones

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April 12, 2021
May 9, 2021

Happy Healthy Hormones

Online nutrition & lifestyle programme to help you feel amazing every day

Ladies do you ever feel overwhelmed and that you just can’t find the energy to get on top of things?

Are you so busy looking after everything and everyone else that there’s no time left to truly look after yourself?

Well now it’s time to put yourself at the top of your to-do list!

When women approach their mid-40’s to early 50’s the changes in our hormonal function can have a huge impact on how we feel on a day-to-day basis.

It’s not uncommon for you to be experiencing some (or all) the following:

  • Frustration with your weight.  You notice that you have been starting to wear increasingly looser clothes to cover the area between your boobs and your hips!  
  • Feeling emotionally unstable or that your moods are erratic and you’re more irritable and anxious than before
  • Disrupted or poor sleep and feeling tired and fatigued during the day
  • Changes to your cycle such as heavier periods, a longer cycle or an increase in PMT symptoms
  • Brain fog, not being as mentally sharp or ‘on it’.  Have you walked into a room and forgot what you went in for or can’t seem to find the right words to finish your sentence?
  • Despite your best intentions, you are railroaded by cravings, lack of preparation and simply being too busy to prioritise your own health
  • Generally feeling sluggish, heavy and ‘not at peace’ with your body and lacking your usual zest for life.

Much of this can be down to your hormones.  Your female hormones of course, but also the stress hormones and blood sugar hormones.  At this stage in our lives, there can be a lot of hormonal fluctuations which can contribute to these feelings.

Having worked and helped hundreds of women over the past 8 years I have developed my online nutrition and lifestyle programme to help you to have Happy Healthy Hormones.

It is designed to help you reign in those out of control hormones that are leaving you feeling drained, overwhelmed and stressed.

Happy Healthy Hormones will help you to discover what works for your body, change your relationship with food and help you to practice true self-care.

Get ready to prioritise YOU.

This programme will:

  • Give you back the energy that you need for life’s daily demands
  • Stabilise your moods so that you feel more in control and less anxious and stressed
  • Shift stubborn weight by managing cravings and mindless eating
  • Teach you how to eat in a way that serves your body, your brain and your hormonal health
  • Encourage you to reduce/manage stress, to incorporate movement and improve your sleep patterns
  • Support you in being 100% present for your family by making sure your needs are met.

The Happy Healthy Hormones programme contains:

  • A beautiful hormonal balancing recipe eBook
  • Meal suggestions and planning tips to help you get organised each week
  • Health and energy review questionnaire at the beginning and end of the 4 weeks
  • Educational video presentation
  • Modules on various health and nutrition topics.

There will also be a private Facebook group for participants where we will share ideas and inspiration and motivate each other throughout the programme. I will be active in the group each day to answer questions and give advice and guidance on following the plan.

“Ciara has a huge amount of knowledge on dealing with many issues with the body and mind offering many avenues to explore on getting results. I came away feeling knowledgeable on how to make positive changes in my everyday life and most importantly to feel better in myself”
“Loving this whole new way of eating! I feel great while losing a few pounds and keeping them off and really not missing the sugar at all which is a huge surprise for me. Thanks so much for all your help and motivation Ciara”

Now is the time for you to invest in YOUR health and wellbeing and to get back to feeling like yourself again. You’ve been putting it off for too long. This 4 week programme will guide and support you by giving you the tools to focus on what your body needs and to help you make informed decisions that will help you to feel at your best.

Do it now, because “later” often becomes “never”.


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