Summer Recharge

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June 28, 2021
July 25, 2021

Summer Recharge

Create healthy food habits for life


Do you find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to making healthy food choices and trying to lose weight?


And no matter how hard you try to “be good” you find yourself back at square one craving sugar, rewarding yourself with food and mindlessly grazing throughout the day.

When it comes to healthy eating, finding your groove can be difficult. There’s so much information and confusion around what you should be eating that making choices aligned with your body and lifestyle can be exhausting. The reality is that bad habits and sugar cravings can have a big impact on your health and getting them under control will deliver huge improvements to your energy and how you feel.

Summer Recharge nutrition & wellness programme. Wave goodbye to energy slumps, mood swings and constantly thinking about food and say hello to boundless energy, feeling lighter and reaching your happy weight.

Imagine if: 

  1. Instead of dragging yourself out of bed each morning, you wake up with a clear head and ready for action
  2. 3pm slumps are a thing of the past as you have enough energy and concentration to get you through the day
  3. You knew how to eat to nourish your body and you go through the day without a single sugar craving
  4. You manage to go from morning till night without constantly thinking about food
  5. Your summer clothes fit nicely and you wear them with confidence!

So what if I told you there was a guilt free way of eating that didn’t involve counting syns or calories or weighing your food at every meal? A way that you could enjoy amazing food every day that will keep you feeling satisfied and help you ditch the cravings and mindless eating.

Wave goodbye to energy slumps, mood swings and constantly thinking about food and say hello to boundless energy, feeling lighter and reaching your happy weight.

Summer Recharge is a 4 week programme designed to help you to lose body fat and feel lighter and brighter every day. You will learn how to eat in a way that energises you with no cravings or feelings of deprivation. I will guide and support you to develop a mindful approach to eating and to tune into your natural hunger and fullness cues. You will become more confident in your food choices and understand that eating healthy is not about going without or feeling deprived but about understanding how food works in the body and making informed choices.


The programme is based on a wholefood diet and includes more than fifty recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and side dishes. There is something to suit all tastes as well as delicious summer recipes for BBQs and picnics so you won’t be missing out.

Get ready to take back control and feel empowered to create healthy habits that you will carry forward for life.

This is a live group programme delivered via the Practice Better app and online portal over 4 weeks. I will be active in our private members group each day to answer questions and give advice and guidance on following the programme.

Summer Recharge is a 4 week programme designed to help you to lose body fat and feel lighter and brighter every day

The programme is designed to empower you to make the right food choices that will provide you with more energy, eliminate cravings and help you to lose weight and regain your confidence. This is done through educational content and group support over 4 weeks. You will receive the programme guidelines,  an eBook packed full of delicious recipes,  meal suggestions and a video presentation of the plan.    Progess will be tracked by using my health and energy questionnaire at the beginning and the end of the programme as well as using weight and  body measurements. These  are completely confidential, you won’t be asked to share with the group.

"When you commit to providing your body with nourishment and love incredible things can happen."

Check out the feedback from my most recent programme here!

Thank you Ciara for such an amazing course. I’ve enjoyed it so much. Feeling great, sleeping better, have more energy, making better food choices and loving the food. I’ve lost 11lbs, I think that’s nearly 4kg and 28.5cm overall. Delighted 😃!
The last four weeks have been life changing for me. I have learned a lot, tried so many new foods as my diet was very restricted and I was eating the same things week in week out. I have enjoyed so many new dishes and for the first time I was eating mindfully and without guilt. I am amazed to say that I have lost 12 pounds, having an underactive thyroid that is fantastic for me as I would normally find it hard. A few inches gone too and my clothes feel so much better on me and the energy levels are way up. Thanks Ciara
Thank you so much Ciara for all the information and for educating me on how to make the right food choices and of course breaking what I would consider an addiction to quick fix sugar foods. I am so proud of me for NOT turning to emotional eating when I had an emotional eek that is something so huge for me and I never thought I could achieve it.
Thank you so much Ciara. I can't believe how transformative this 4 weeks has been. I'm so content about food the past few weeks, once I settled in to the programme. I've lost 8lbs and 6 inches all over. I started an exercise programme 2 weeks in because I had so much energy and I'm loving the path I am on. I feel like I've gotten control of my eating habits again.

So are you ready to put some focus on your health and wellbeing and get back that bounce you’ve been missing? Join us on this 4-week programme and learn how to make the right food choices to nourish your body, improve your energy and get back to your happy weight.

Do it now, because“later” often becomes “never”.


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