Free eBook download: Foods, Moods & Hormones

Did you know that your food and lifestyle choices have a major impact on your hormonal health?

If energy slumps, feeling low, erratic mood swings and poor sleep are something that you feel you need support with then you will want to download my FREE eBook on Foods, Moods and Hormones.

Download ebbook Foods, Moods and Hormones to explore relationship between hormones and mental wellbeing
Ebook contains hormone balancing action plan & checklist

In this guide I explore the role of nutrition and lifestyle on hormonal health and mental wellbeing as well as an ACTION PLAN to help you start addressing any imbalances today.

Hormones are complex with all of our hormonal pathways interconnected. Most people think of hormones in relation to puberty, menopause or our menstrual cycle. In fact, hormones regulate everything from heart rate,appetite, sleep cycles, metabolism and mood. They govern so much and can massively impact our general mood and ‘get-up-and-go’ so they can make us feel down, sluggish and lethargic even when it’s not “time of the month”!

Having worked with and coached clients to find and address the root cause of their hormonal issues for 8 years now I would love to help you understand the relationship between your diet, hormones and lifestyle. So if you’re sick of feeling tired and under the weather and are ready to do something about it download by eBook today.

I’ve included an action plan and checklist to help you identify possible problem areas. Use these to start making changes that will get you back to feeling like yourself again.

Please do let me know if you find this guide useful. I’d love to hear about the changes you’re going to make!

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