In a survey carried out by employers’ body IBEC it suggests that absenteeism is costing Irish businesses a shocking €1.5 billion per year with workers missing on average 6 days per annum.

‘Costs can be increased several times over by the repercussions of absence on other employees. Issues such as lowered morale, delays in work processes, idle machines etc. all incur costs to the company, even though some of these costs may be difficult to quantify. .. the implicit costs of absenteeism as affecting in domino fashion such intangibles as employee morale, discipline and job satisfaction which in turn, increases labour turnover and reduces worker productivity, thereby reducing product quality and making product scheduling more difficult.’ – IBEC Employee Absenteeism, 2011

Healthy employees are nearly 3 times more productive than unhealthy employees and that unhealthy employees take up to 9 times more sick leave than their healthy colleagues.

An analysis carried out by Aviva Health shows that 90% of Irish employers say that employee health and wellbeing have a direct effect on productivity.  80% of employees agree that they would be more loyal to an employer if they looked after their health.

Among the top 4 workplace health problems reported are Stress and anxiety (55%), Fatigue (52%), Back/ neck pain (32%), Colds (32%).

My corporate wellness & wellbeing programs can help ensure your staff are healthier. By creating a happy and healthy workforce, productivity increases, sick days are reduced and your business will save money in the long term.

Services include:

  • Educational Talks on Nutrition and Health
  • Weekly/Monthly Wellness Programmes
  • 1:1 Consultations with Employees (with optional food intolerance testing through blood analysis)
  • Return to Work Programmes
  • Healthy Menu Development/Improving Staff Canteen Services

Some samples topics of talks that Ciara offers. All talks can be tailored to suit your wishes and can include food tastings.

No More Slumps - Eating for Optimum Energy

This talks encompasses how to eat to power through the day with no mid morning or afternoon slumps, foods that increase energy levels naturally, how to balance your blood sugar levels, the harmful effects of excess sugar, how to identify sugar content of foods, meal ideas to fuel the brain and for optimum energy and productivity.

Bugs be Gone - Building a Robust Immune System

This talk is aimed at boosting immune health and resilience to infections, therefore reducing absenteeism. It addresses various factors and foods that impair our immune health and foods that improve our ability to fight off or shorten the duration of infections and illnesses.

Nutrition in a Nutshell - What to Eat and What to Avoid

Healthy Employees = Happy Employees. In this talk, I share my key to good nutrition and health, a breakdown of the different macronutrients, the types of foods that we should increase and the foods to avoid, key components of a nutritionally balanced meal, how an ideal dinner plate should look. Lots of practical ideas and advice on how to implement this guide in your daily life.

Food Labelling and Supermarket Savvy

How to be Label-able! Understanding nutrition labels and ingredient lists, industry buzzwords and what they mean, seeing through the health claims on food labels, how to shop smart –what to look out for when doing your supermarket shop.

Nutrition for Shift Workers

Shift work places specific demands on the body and is linked to increased risk of many conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, sleep disorders and obesity. For example night shift work is estimated to increase the risk of coronary heart disease by 40%. Many shift workers struggle to eat properly with disrupted timing of meals and meal routines, all of which will have an effect on productivity.

This talk addresses the effects of shift work on the body, how to best time your meals when working various shift patterns and how to optimize your nutritional health for disease prevention.

Weight Management for Life

Here, I cover how to ditch the diet mentality, how to lose weight and keep it off, dealing with cravings, how to exercise portion control and tips for long term weight management. Includes sample meal plans for those who are time poor, celiac friendly, vegetarians and healthier choices when eating out/takeaways. Read more on the effect of obesity on job performance


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