Family Nutrition

Family life these days can be busy and stressful. Finding time to prepare, cook and feed nourishing meals to the family can be tricky. Throw into the mix, kids with fussy eating habits, school lunchboxes, trying to decipher food labels and reading between the lines of advertising and marketing speak it’s no wonder parents are frustrated and confused.

 Help is at hand.

 I can help you with nutrition for the whole family regardless of your budget and time constraints.

 Family nutrition sessions can be carried out in your own home (at an extra charge) or in the Bodyright Clinic. Some areas that we can cover include:


o  Meal planning

o  Recipes for the whole family

o  Shopping Lists

o  How to improve eating habits in children

o  Batch Cooking

o  Label Reading

o  Healthier Treats

o  How to Reduce Sugar Intake

Some feedback from a family nutrition client.

“Dear Ciara, I just wanted to send on my thanks for working with me and indeed my family over the past few months. From our initial meeting until the present your approach was gentle and non-judgemental. You listened carefully on the first meeting and devised a plan to run with. I must admit I did have a few “slip ups” but I was amazed at the “back to basics” approach to food which has helped tremendously.  Your advice on products in the weekly shop has been a great help and as I am the shopper I am making healthier choices. I introduced the changes slowly but the benefits are showing. I have combined the new regime with gentle exercise and have lost weight but most importantly am maintaining it, which is fantastic as I have fluctuated for a few years. Because I am keeping my blood sugars even through your plan, I don’t crave certain foods any more. The kids and my husband are on board as well so we are conscious of what we are ingesting and enjoying our food more.  I have learned more in one hour than any weight loss class or programme. ” – C.B

Please contact me and I can tailor a package to suit.


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