Weight Management

If only it were as simple as eating less and moving more. These things help, of course they do, but there are many factors that contribute to weight gain and difficulty shifting excess weight and we often need to dig a little deeper into the reasons why.

I offer one to one weight loss support to help you to identify your barriers to weight loss.

Hear what my clients have to say.

"I came to Ciara for a consultation to help me lose weight and improve my eating habits. Most of my adulthood I avoided certain foods to keep a healthy weight and I always had a bit of extra weight on that I wasn't happy with. Ciara's plan was just what I needed. She listened to all my likes and dislikes and came up with the perfect plan for my busy lifestyle with a lot of useful tips, recipes and recommendations & was always happy to help in answering any of my questions. After just 2 months I feel great and the weight is just falling off. I also used so many of Ciara's tips, recipes and recommendation for my whole family which was fantastic." Lana

I had lost myself ...and I know you will say that I did the work but I had been struggling for 3 years and falling deeper in to a cycle of a couldn't care less attitude...That is no longer the case I still worry about falling back in to bad habits but I now have a new goal and that is to protect my weight loss and look after myself....I’ve learned so much from you about food and food habits and my bad decision making...I am so very grateful Ciara thank you for all your help and advice I I finally feel like I am enough....and I am still putting sugar in my tea:):) Sarah

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