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Free 7 day programme to Ditch Your Sugar Habit

This programme is FULLY BOOKED

Break those sugar cravings in just ONE WEEK!

It might feel like that’s not even possible for you, and I get it. You’ve tried giving it up before, switching to diet drinks, sweeteners in your tea and swapping the fancy chocolate biscuits for plain ones (most of the time)!

But for some reason you still feel like crap, low energy, poor sleep, not losing weight AND you’re still craving the sweet stuff.  Not to mention the constant battle between ‘trying to be good’ and not giving into temptation.

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Sugar is a big part of our lives. It’s a ‘pick-me-up’ when we’re feeling tired...

It's a ‘reward’ to celebrate the little things and the ‘go-to’ when feeling stressed. You might not even realise how much you rely on it. Plus it’s in so many foods, it can be really difficult to avoid.

It's exhausting...

I know because I've been there and I've helped many clients to break their sugar habit.



But what if I told you that there was a way you could finally:

Get those sugar demons under control

Say goodbye to the sugar that’s sabotaging your weight loss

Break the cycle of poor sleep, waking up tired and continuously making bad food choices

With Get Sugar Smart you’re getting

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Access to a nutritional therapist and health coach for practical advice and support.

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Live Group

A live group Q&A where you can ask questions, share ideas, inspire and motivate each other

Image by Daniel Öberg


Free 7 day Get Sugar Smart programme with lessons, practical tools & advice

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Sugar Smart

Get Sugar Smart eBook with everything you need to know about sugar and making the best food choices for your health

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Group support with recipes and food suggestions to help balance blood sugar hormones and manage cravings


What others are saying

"Wow, can't believe that was 7 days, yay!!! I feel great. I'm very conscious of sugar in foods anyhow but I've been bad since Christmas, lock down feels like an excuse for sugary treats!!! I was delighted when I saw the challenge. It was just what I needed to get back on track. I was exhausted on day 3 but full of energy since. We had our daughter’s birthday yesterday and I did have a slice of cake but to my surprise I was able to leave it at that...compared to the past 2 months where I'd keep going back for more!! So thank you!!!"

"Thrilled to have completed 7 days cause if I’m honest I figured I’d make it to day 3 max!! I love balance on my moods that’s probably been the biggest thing and the kgs dropped is super too."

"My sleep has hugely improved. I’m now waking before my alarm feeling refreshed. My energy is way up too. The most surprising and brilliant result is that my hot flushes have almost completely gone. I was waking at 3am absolutely drenched and not a peep the last 3 days. Phenomenal! It’s worth continuing for that alone."

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