Ladies, do you feel overwhelmed and lacking the energy to get on top of everything

You’re busy jumping through hoops with work and taking care of everyone else which leaves no time for your own  health. Despite your best efforts the extra pounds are adding up, you feel tired and irritable and you just wish there was a magic pill that could fix it all?

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill.  But, there is a solution that will help you regain your mojo and help you to feel like yourself again.

It’s not uncommon for us women to experience hormonal fluctuations and imbalance when we reach 40+. Never heard of it? I bet you’ve experienced it!

  • Putting on weight even though you’re restricting what you eat?

  • You think you’re “losing it” as brain fog often makes the simplest tasks a challenge to finish?

  • Your sleep pattern is all over the place. In fact you can’t quite remember the last time you got a great nights’ sleep?

But you’ve got a lot going on right, so surely that’s why you’re feeling the way you are?

It’s mostly likely you’re experiencing fluctuations in hormones which can leave you feeling off balance.  Believe me, you are not alone and you’re not going mad. Myself and countless other ladies can totally relate to how you’re feeling right now.

Green Goodness

 Happy, Healthy 

  1st June - 30th June 2022  

This 30-day online nutrition & lifestyle programme will help you to

rebalance your hormones and

feel amazing every day

Take action today and enrol before it's too late!

I myself am in the throes of perimenopause and it wasn’t until I began to address the underlying hormonal imbalances happening in my body that I began to feel like myself again.  And that’s why we’re excited to bring you our brilliant online programme Happy Healthy Hormones so that you can take control and manage your hormones through diet and lifestyle.

It is designed to help you reign in those out of control hormones that are leaving you feeling drained, overwhelmed and stressed.

Happy Healthy Hormones will help you to discover what works for your body, change your relationship with food and help you to practice true self-care.

Get ready to prioritise YOU

Imagine finally being able to:

  • Shift stubborn weight by managing cravings and mindless eating

  • Waking up every morning feeling refreshed and energised and ready for the day ahead

  • Say goodbye to mood swings so that you feel less anxious and stressed

  • Regain your confidence and be 100% present for your family by making sure your needs are met.

With Happy Health Hormones you will get:

  • A 30 day live programme of online learning that will teach you how hormones work in your body and (even more importantly) how to read the signs your body is sending you

  • A beautiful hormone balancing recipe book with more than 40 delicious recipes to help balance your blood sugar levels and regulate hormones helping you feel full, satisfied and eliminating sugar cravings

  • Programme guidelines, video presentation and sample meal plan outlining how to follow the programme and show you what you need to hit the ground running from day one

  • Weekly live group Q&A and mini masterclasses via zoom for additional support and advice

  • There will also be a private Facebook group for participants where we will share ideas and inspiration and motivate each other throughout the programme. I will be active in the group to motivate, support and help you throughout.

Client Feedback from previous courses

"The last four weeks have been life changing for me. I have learned a lot. I have enjoyed so many new dishes and for the first time I was eating mindfully and without guilt. I also put myself first which as women we find hard and selfish but it's not selfish at all. I am amazed to say that I have lost 12 pounds, having an underactive thyroid that is fantastic for me as I would normally find it hard. A few inches gone too and my clothes feel so much better on me and the energy levels are way up. "

"I can't believe how transformative this 4 weeks has been. I'm so content about food the past few weeks, once I settled in to the programme. I've lost 8lbs and 6 inches all over. I started an exercise programme 2 weeks in because I had so much energy and I'm loving the path I am on. I feel like I've gotten control of my eating habits again."

"I have a whole new education on nutrition and an awareness of the effects of sugar on my hormones which will benefit me hugely now and in the future. I have also regained a new love of cooking tasty meals. I never thought cooking would be self-care but thinking about what I’m putting into my body really was!"

Sounds great, what next?

If Happy Healthy Hormones sounds exactly what you need right now then jump in and book your place today. Get access to all of the programme content including recipe book, online learning, private Facebook group and live Q&A’s for just €149. Book today and don’t miss this opportunity to rebalance your hormones and feel amazing every day.

Perhaps you’re wondering what to expect on
Happy Healthy Hormones? Here are some FAQs we often get asked!

I’ve never done an online programme before, how does it work?

I will be leading the programme over the 4 weeks. As soon as you register, you will get the programme pack so that you can take time to read the material before our official start date on 1st June.  You will access learning materials via my online client management system Practice Better. Modules will be shared at various intervals and you can review these at your own pace.   You will have lifetime access to this content.


We will also host a weekly mini masterclass and live Q&A via zoom where you can ask any questions you might have. You are also welcome to message privately if you prefer to do so and I will address them on the call.  Each week we will cover various topics relating to the programme and to health.

There will also be a private Facebook group for participants where we will share ideas and inspiration and motivate each other throughout the programme. I will be active in the group to motivate, support and help you throughout. There will be a facility to post anonymously if you prefer. While not essential for your success, I do encourage participants to engage in the Facebook group. It always proves to be an invaluable source of ideas and information for the group.

Live Q&A, what if I can’t make it?

Our weekly zoom Q&As will be recorded to which you will have access.

I’m not very tech savvy, does that matter?

Not in the slightest. If you’re reading this on our website you already have the skills needed to access the programme materials! Myself and my team are always here to help should you encounter any difficulties.

Can we contact you for advice?

Of course. You can email, send us a message or ask a question in the Facebook group. The private group is perfect for asking questions, sharing tips, recipes and giving feedback. Plus it’s great to share your experience with other participants. We really are all in this together.

Sounds great, what’s next?

Register your place on the programme today. You will get access to your portal where you will find your welcome pack including recipe book, guidelines, sample meal plan and introduction video. We will be in touch once again before the programme goes live on 1st June!