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Client feedback from one-to-one programmes

Ciara formulated a stage-by-stage nutrition plan for me and as a result I was able to come off my cholesterol medication, which I’d been on for 13 years. My thyroid numbers came down, my pain has decreased and I lost an incredible 3 stone. Ciara has changed the way I think about food and I’ve learnt so much from her.  My eating habits have changed forever.”

- Annemarie

My IBS symptoms disappeared within a couple of weeks, my reflux cough very shortly afterwards. I’m sleeping better. I have a spring in my step, moving much faster and more easily. I’ve lost inches off my waist, fitting into clothes I haven’t worn for years. I feel amazing and really proud of what I have achieved.

- Roisin


Thank you for all your wonderful knowledge (which you manage to get across in such a clear manner, making it ‘real’ rather than just jargon that means nothing to the average person!) you are always a great support and go the extra mile for your clients – which is most appreciated. Having spent the past few years feeling crappy and constantly relying on antibiotics I am now starting to feel healthier, this is entirely down to the nutritional advice you have given over the past few months, I can honestly say it is the best money and time I have ever spent!

- Clare

Client feedback from online courses

Thank you so much Ciara for designing this course and introducing me to this way of eating , I have learned so much in such a few short weeks.  It has improved my mood and my sleep hugely.  I’ve lost weight without feeling deprived and your positivity and encouragement have helped so much.

- Michelle

Thank you again, this course has been the best thing that I have done for ME in years.

- Roisin


I can’t believe how transformative these 4 weeks have been.  I am so content about food these past few weeks.  I’ve started an exercise programme because I’ve so much energy. I love the path I’m on.  This course has made me think ‘where has this info been all my life?’

- Michelle

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