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Wellness Beyond Weight Loss: Recognizing and Celebrating Non-Scale Victories

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For many people trying to losing weight can mean a never-ending cycle of fad diets and constantly obsessing over the number on the scales. Counting down the pounds or kilos is how we’ve been conditioned to measure success.

This is not how we approach weight loss at Ciara Ryan Nutrition. Because the non-scale wins, which some view as a bonus side effect, can often be more rewarding than the actual weight loss. It's time to shift your focus and celebrate every step of your weight loss journey, not just the digits.

Woman standing on scales frustrate with fd diets
Fad diets and calorie counting are not sustainable long term

We all know fad diets can offer speedy results, but they rarely last in the long run. Fast weight loss is often linked to restrictive diets that significantly reduce calorie intake or involve fad diets not based on real, nutrient-rich foods. Additionally, the ketogenic diet, which severely limits carbohydrate intake, is also associated with rapid weight loss. These are very much a quick fix but they are also not only difficult to do, but more than anything they are difficult to maintain.

With low calorie diets specifically, you are hungry ALL the time. And, you run the risk of slowing down your metabolism. How? The body senses starvation, goes into self-preservation mode where it economises and burns fewer calories. This means it’s also highly likely that, in spite of your best efforts, when you go back to eating normally, you’ll regain all the weight (and then some) once you stop the diet.

And you will stop, just as people stop going to diet clubs. When you’re in your own little world of slimming or watching your weight, you can’t help but ask yourself ‘when does this end?’ or ‘when can I stop?’

Fad diets that require depriving yourself of proper nutrition and essential calories can also potentially cause other health issues along the way. Rapid weight loss can increase the risk of gallstones developing for example.

When you learn to balance your blood sugar levels, enrich your diet with nutrients and and make sustainable food choices, magic happens beyond just shedding pounds. These are what we call the non-scale victories. Imagine a life where quality sleep becomes the norm, headaches disappear, and those endless cravings no longer hold power over you.

Woman lying sleeping on bed smiling
Diet and nutrition can influence the quality of sleep

Each of the following clients came to us in order to address issues with weight. Not only were they able to reach their weight goals, they were surprised with the overall health benefits they experienced. One of our recent clients who had struggled to sleep for more than four hours at a stretch, was sleeping the whole night through after working with us for only a few weeks.

Another client who was a self-confessed all-day grazer found that, after just a few weeks, she no longer needed or craved a morning snack. It was truly liberating for her not to be constantly thinking about food or what she was going to eat next.

Woman pinching her nose clearly distressed with headache or pain
Dietary changes have shown to prevent or reduce the frequency and severity of headaches in clients

We also had another client who had suffered from headaches for years. By changing the way she ate, she was amazed to realise when she came for her next consultation, that she hadn’t even had one for a few weeks!

These are just a few examples of these non-scale wins. Although what had initially pushed those clients pick up the phone was the desire to lose weight, what they gained was so much more. Many even tell me that their non-scale wins are worth more to them than weight loss. They just hadn’t gone to seek help for their ails, because they hadn’t thought that diet would make a difference. But believe me, it does.

This is not just about weight loss; it's about reclaiming your inner sparkle! By working with a coach to fine-tune your diet and incorporate simple lifestyle changes, you'll find a renewed sense of self and embrace the journey to a healthier you.

Woman fist pumping in the air with smile on her face
Clients have commented that their non-scale victories feel more rewarding than weight loss

You see, weight loss is not just about the numbers; it's about becoming the best version of yourself. These non-scale victories are truly worth celebrating—many of our clients even say they are more valuable than the weight loss itself!

Gone are the days of chasing rapid results and feeling lost in the endless maze of dieting. It's time to shift the focus from fleeting numbers on the scales to the long-lasting and life-changing victories that make this journey truly engaging and rewarding.

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